Apps for the Eco Urbanites

Smartphones have become the lifeline of urbanites with a thirst for technology and convenience. Portable phone, notebook, computer, camera and information portal all rolled into one and most of them fits in the size of our palm.  Today we are pleased to introduce 6 Apps for the eco-warriors or the budding greenie in you!

The availability of apps may be limited to certain regions only as most apps in the market are developed with their native region in mind. How nice it would be if we had similar apps in Malaysia, developed for Malaysia and available for Malaysians.

Local app developers please announce some localised green apps soon! We would love to work together with you to make it a reality!!


Good guide is an app for you to track the green ratings of your purchase (United States products only) through a simple scan of the product’s barcode. It’s a handy app for making eco-conscious decisions as it would give you a breakdown of how green the product is for products in personal care, food, apparel, household, kids & babies, pet food, electronics, appliances and even cars! It also suggests alternative products in the same category if you’re curious what else is out there. Armed with Good Guide, you’ll be well on your way to shopping green!

Available in: Apple’s iTunes App store(Most region) & Android Market(Most region)


seafood watch
Seafood watch, an app developed by Monterey Bay Aquarium to promote sustainable fishing will be your best buddy in shopping or dining on ocean friendly catch. The app informs you of the status of seafood (United States) served to you just by doing a simple search and is also loaded with recipes featuring sustainable seafood and guides to restaurant serving sustainable catch on their menu! So you’ll have a personal helper with you on your journey to supporting sustainable fishing!

Available in : Apple’s iTunes App store(Most Region)


light bulb finder 

Light bulb Finder app has been chosen by The Environmental Protection Agency of United States has selected as the “Winner, Best Overall App” in the Apps for the Environment Challenge. The app only available in US and Canada is developed by Eco Hatchery. It is aimed to help home and business owners find the most energy efficient bulb for their existing fittings and also educate them on the difference in performance of each type of bulb. This app would cut through the confusion and provides instant bulb recommendations for standard and specialty lighting with key financial payback information and carbon footprint information for your everyday need!

Available in : Apple’s iTunes App store(US & Canada Region only) & Android Market (US & Canada Region only)


commute greener

The Commute Greener! App is an app developed and designed by Volvo to track your travel carbon footprint; be it your trip to the nearby supermarket or your daily commute to work and back. It also helps you set carbon emission reduction goals and helps you keep track of your performance in managing your carbon footprint. The app also has a community feature where you could link up with your friends and see how everyone is doing in being more conscious of their carbon footprint!

Available in : Apple’s iTunes App Store(Most region), Android Market(Most region) & Android Google Play(Most region)



The Taptu Guardian Environment app is an app designed to be an environmental news portal at your fingertips. Getting information about the latest EV’s, environmental news, green apparel, etc. is no longer a hunt for the needle in the haystack. This app will help you cut through a throng of information and find the right one just for you and your eco knowledge vault!

Available in : Apple’s iTunes App Store, Android Market & Android Google Play (Region limited)



Locavore is your answer in App form if you are always on the lookout for locally produced ingredients or are trying to join the bandwagon. This is an app that would locate fresh farmer’s market in your area after a simple registration and inform you what produce are in season in your area. A mighty tool for those who are determined in staying green on health and environment!

Available in : Apple’s iTunes App Store, Android Market & Android Google Play (Region limited)