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Our Story: From passion to profession

Our Story
Brought together by their love for all things sustainable and the passion to make a difference, SUMO’s team consists of individuals who love what they do and are actively doing what they love. We are a leading boutique sustainability consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, offering customised solutions through simple, practical means.

The principal founder started out in environmental and occupational safety & health management almost 20 years ago and formed SUMO in 2011 to focus on delivering sustainability solutions, leveraging on the enormous experience accumulated in multi-sectorial consulting projects in Malaysia and around the world.

Believe it or not, our goal and aspiration for the future is to be ‘out of a job’. Why? Because we want to see ‘sustainability’ so well integrated into all facets of our lives (home, work, play, values), that sustainability champions like us won’t be required anymore. Until that day comes, we will strive to facilitate this transformation.

SUMO seeks to integrate sustainability into the core veins of your organisation. Our approach, combined with our world class expertise, ensures our clients have access to outstanding advice, analysis, tools and solutions for achieving lasting transformational results.

We will inform

We will educate

We will build thinking

We will open up possibilities

We will because we believe you have a right to know,
to understand your choices and to make the best choice possible.

So get to know us, drop us a line and benefit from our combined wealth of knowledge.

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