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Planting the Casuarina in Bagan Lalang

Photo Credit:
The Star
Earlier this month, working with Malaysian Nature Society’s (MNS) Environmental Interpretive Centre (EIC), Nets Printwork Sdn Bhd organized its fifth tree planting event themed “Growing the seeds of Hope” at Sepang Goldcoast in Bagan Lalang. More than 40 participants planted about 30 saplings of the Casuarina spp or Rhu Pantai, in a coastal area that is particularly well known for its mangrove ecosystem. As a natural wind breaker, coastal trees protect the shoreline by slowing down the effect of strong wind and preventing soil erosion. The guide from EIC briefed participants on the biodiversity of mangroves and also demonstrated proper tree planting techniques to ensure their survival in harsh condition. The event helps to raise awareness on the importance in conserving coastal ecosystem, particularly when the world is facing the threat of sea level rise and global warming.
Date & Source: October 11, 2014, The Star