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Solar PV in Malaysia: The Sun Shines but We ain’t Got No Power

Ushering a change to an entrenched system is never an easy task so kudos to SEDA and KETTHA for paving the way to renewable energy in Malaysia. The establishment of the Feed-In-Tariff (F.I.T.) and renewable energy quotas has progressed in fits and starts but very clearly, we can conclude that the quotas set for Renewable Energy (RE) Installations, in particular for solar PV, are decidedly too small to be of significance to the energy sustainability of Malaysia.


What You Will Drive in the Future: Lit Motors C-1

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In drawing competitions, kids are always asked to envision the future in 2020 and flying cars are a regular feature in the kids’ artwork. Today, just seven years shy of the intended “future”, how close are we to that vision?


Lost in Space – Malaysia’s Pursuit of Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Race has started, but who is leading the pack?


Apps for the Eco Urbanites

Smartphones have become the lifeline of urbanites with a thirst for technology and convenience. Portable phone, notebook, computer, camera and information portal all rolled into one and most of them fits in the size of our palm.  Today we are pleased to introduce 6 Apps for the eco-warriors or the budding greenie in you!