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Humanities’ Amazing Race

Historically, big business’ definition of success is the ever-increasing profit level and it has developed sophisticated (read ‘baffling’) financial performance metrics to demonstrate this without considering the underlying fragility of the natural resources they depend on to run the business.
The natural environment has been taken for granted for far too long by avaricious businesses which never bothered to consider the long-term consequences of draining these resources. There are few corporate gems that have done otherwise in the past.

Now, a number of big businesses are considering it and jumping into it hoping that it’s enough to stop the runaway train that is our environmental crisis now. Will this be enough to prevent the train wreck? Getting in so late in the game requires an even bigger effort, which means an even stronger commitment and a truly firm resolve.

It most certainly is humanities’ Amazing Race against time to reach the prize of a planet that can continue to serve mankind fully as it was so designed to do. There will inevitably be obstacles along the way, detours and even drop-outs. And what if we lose against time? What if we are the last ones to get to the final ‘pit stop’?

“I’m sorry to tell you, you are the last ones to arrive. You have now been eliminated from the race.”