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Make 2013 the Year You Go `Green’

As we approach the New Year, many of us inevitably turn to the annual ritual of coming up with New Year's resolutions.

Most New Year's resolutions involve obsessing about waistlines or committing to spending more time with loved ones.

For 2013, why not resolve to go `green’ instead. Not sure how? Here are some simple (and easy) ideas to make your life greener in the upcoming year.

Recycle. Recycle. Recycle: Recycling is fundamental to going green. Place a separate container next to your rubbish bin, making it easier to recycle bottles, cans, and paper. Identify locations nearby that will accept these recyclable items and make a commitment to do monthly trips to give (or sell) your recyclable items to them.

Say no to bottled water:
Carry a re-usable bottle around with you, if you are always on the go. They don’t cost much and they will save a lot of plastic and money, too, since the accumulated cost of bottled water is higher than you think.

Don’t forget your recyclable bag:
Stash recyclable bags in your handbag (if it’s big enough) or in your car so that the next time you go to the supermarket (or any market), you can tell the stores to save their plastic bags because you’ve got your own bag.
Turn off the lights: Earth Hour isn’t the only time you should be turning off your lights. Whenever and wherever there's no need for a light to be on, then it should be switched off. It's that simple.
Plant a garden

Go vegetarian