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Bhutan’s Capital to be transformed into Electric Vehicle City

Bhutanese Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay announced that Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital, will become an electric vehicle hotspot in the coming years. The plan will begin by replacing government vehicles with the electric car Nissan Leaf. Electric cars assembled locally by ThunderMotors will then continue to replace gasoline / diesel taxis and private family cars. In addition to environmental benefits, this bold move would also improve the country’s economy because it will no longer need to import expensive fossil fuel and will instead utilise its cheap hydroelectric to power the electric cars. By converting to an electric vehicle, taxi drivers in Thimphu would only need to pay 10 ngultrum (16 cents) a day on fuel compared to the current 800 ngultrum ($13).


Date and Source: 29 November 2013, Central and South Asia Business