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Big Win for Amazon Conservation Thanks to Pioneering Long Term Funding

Photo Credit: Yahoo! News

What does a decade of perseverance get you? A ground-breaking $215 million fund to ensure long-term protection of 150 million acres of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. After over 10 years of working with the Brazilian government, WWF and partners have announced the creation of a permanent financing model known as the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund. The fund, which is financed by a number of partners, will initially help the Brazilian government manage protected areas for the next 25 years. Over these years, Brazil will increase its own contributions with the aim of creating a more permanent model. This is an enormous achievement which will help protect one of the world’s most invaluable assets. It serves as an exemplary effort – if this initiative can be done for the Amazon, it can certainly be replicated for other important planetary lifelines, such as our own Borneo Rainforests. Through similar mechanisms, the Malaysian and Indonesian government can bring together conservation trusts and foundations to create a similar long-term financing plan for Borneo. Where there’s a will, there’s surely a way.


Date and Source: 23 May 2014, Yahoo News