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Sludge Treatment at U.K. Facility Turns Waste into “Black Gold”

Photo Credit: Helen Apps/ United Utilities Group Plc via Bloomberg

 The Davyhulme facility in U.K., a sludge recycling center built by Black & Veatch for United Utilites Group Plc has been awarded IChemE’s international prize as “the most innovative green-energy scheme on Earth”. The plant converts human waste formerly disposed in the Irish Sea to generate biogas that is enough to power 25,000 homes and also produce the resulting sludge as fertilizer. By employing thermal hydrolysis technology, the facility can generate 50 to 60 percent more volume of biogas than conventional methods. Biogas from the digested sludge is stored in two giant green “gas bag” showed in the picture above. With the advanced digestion technique, the facility that processes the sewage of 1.2 million people in Manchester can now be energy self-sufficient and even export surplus power to the U.K. grid.
Date & Source: August 29, 2014, Bloomberg