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One Litre of Urine to Six Hours of Power

A group of four African teens has created a generator that is powered with pee to produce electricity. The teens, at only 14 and 15 years old, impressed visitors at Maker Faire Africa with their electrolytic cell that separates hydrogen in the urine which then can be used in the generator to produce electricity.


Date & source: November 11, 2012, Inhabitat

Author: Lori Zimmer

Malaysia’s First Green and Renewable Energy Institute

A green and renewable energy institute, GREENi, will be established in Malaysia for the first time. Although an opening date has not yet been announced, the Malaysian Prime Minister is expected to launch GREENi in late November. The institute is a collaborative effort between four Malaysian universities and educational institutions, and will offer professional development courses and training programs in green technology.

Date and Source: November 12, 2012, Green Prospect Asia

Fireflies Inspire LED Designs

Scientists in Korea turn to nature to develop an improved and more affordable LED lens that will hopefully be used in smartphones, televisions and other devices in the future. The LED lens will mimic the nanostructure of the fireflies’ underbelly.

Date: October 30, 2012, The Star
Author: Reuters

Not Enough Trash

Sweden incinerates trash to produce 20% of its heat. However, the Swedes are increasingly diligent with recycling that the nation is facing a trash shortfall. The solution? Importing 800, 000 tonnes/ year of trash from Norway. And getting paid to do it!


Date: October 28, 2012, Inhabitat
Author: Kristin Lofgren

A Renewable Energy Island

A global consultancy has unveiled designs for floating solar arrays which they claim will allow densely populated countries to power their economies with renewable energy. This array, or solar island, utilises thin-film solar panels. With this design, it is possible for the solar island to have an electricity generating-capacity of 50MW or more.


Date & Source: October 25, 2012, Guardian Environment Network
Author: BusinessGreen

Where do old tires go?

Hertz (USA) has signed an agreement with a tire recycling firm to make sure no used rubber ends up in landfills. An estimated 170, 000 tires are disposed of by Hertz every year. Material recovered from the worn out tires will be used as landfill linings, road foundations and also floor mats.

Date: October 25, 2012, Mother Nature Network
Author: Jim Motavalli

Biotic Response To Climate Change

Population of microscopic algae called diatoms is returning to Lake KaffeklubbenSø, Greenland. The population decreased until they vanished 2,400 years ago as surrounding temperature cooled. Studies suggest that the current rise in diatom population is due to climate change.


Date and source: October 17, 2012, National Geographic News
Author: Kate Andries

25% Most Efficient Product Identified

According to US Energy Information Administration, the adoption of Energy Star logo varies between product types. Products such as televisions and dishwashers in 2011 had the Energy Star efficiency label.


Date and source: October 16, 2012, Energy Manager Today
Author: Energy Manager Today Staff

Walmart Solar And Wind Generation To Save S150 Million

Sustainability performance influences buyers in making multimillion dollar purchased, Bloomberg reported. Walmart’s stores continuous sustainability efforts in clean energy investment reduces its environmental footprint.


Date and source: October 16, 2012, Green Go Post
Author: Leon Kaye

5.5% of Renewable Energy Sources by 2015 and 11% by 2020 Aims by Malaysian Government

By 2020, 50,000 jobs and investments worth of RM70 billion will be generated through the launch of Feed-In-Tariff Scheme and support mechanisms created. Total gross income of RM53 billion is estimated through green projects under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).


Date and source: October 12, 2012, Clean Technica
Author: MridulChadha