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The Toilet’s Future

Billions of people will have access to sanitation and at the same time saves water. Durban, South Africa will be the prime test bed to find new solution and perfect toilet for 21st century’s needs.


Date and source: October 9, 2012, The Guardian
Author: Leon Kaye

Sabah Expedition Discovers New Species

160 new species was discovered on Mount Kinabalu by a team of Dutch and Malaysian researchers. The new species includes fungi, spiders, beetles, snails, ferns, a giant millipede and possibly a horned frog.


Date: October 4, 2012, CNN Light Years
Author: Brad Lendon

Total of $148,000 Fines for Exposing Employees to Asbestos

Seven companies were fined for not providing appropriate clothing and respiratory equipment to their employees exposed to asbestos hazards. Inadequate training and failure to monitor air quality are also the factors.


Date and source: September 13, 2012, Occupational Health & Safety Online

Leaving the Hive for Good

Team of entomologists from San Francisco State University is tagging honeybees to study the zombie-like behaviour discovered when the bees are infected by parasitic maggots of the scuttle fly.


Date and source: September 12, 2012, National Geographic

Author: Charles Q. Choi

Tesco new energy savings Express supermarket

Tesco’s first all-LED express supermarket will be using energy-efficient LED fittings. LEDs will be used at cold rooms, fridges, freezer, sales floor, staff areas and all external signage at the new express supermarket.

Exclusive: Stonyfield Farm aims 100 percent renewable energy

Danone and SAP has developed a “real time” proprietary software tool and it has been implemented to the organic yogurt maker company. Raw material production, manufacture, raw materials and finished products transportation, consumers and retailers.

Large firms’ energy decision makers plan for significant gains in energy management

According to a Verdantix report, large firms in emerging economies believe there will be significant changes in the way their firms manage energy. Large companies are focusing more on energy and energy management issues.

Make OSH a Culture and Way of Life

To establish the employees’ attitude towards safety and health in the workplace requires fundamental changes such as ensuring an annual budget for safety and health training.

Real-time emergency response scenario highlighted at Hazmat Professionals Meeting

Simulation of a rail hazmat spill and chemical clean-up was presented during the meeting (Sept 9-13th). TheAnchorage Fire Department, the 103rd WMD Civil Support team and the 95th chemical company were involved in the simulation.

Why are companies floundering in their CSR strategy?

Most organizations are having a tough time proving Corporate Social Responsibility’s value to their overall sustainability and financial performance. The CSR is used more as a public relations tool rather than a business risk management tool that can improve revenue.